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Timeshare Scams

Timeshare ScamsTimeshare scams are cropping up like weeds due to the tumultuous circumstances in the timeshare market. This fertile ground for timeshare rip-off businesses has helped them to take advantage of innocent timeshare owners.

These timeshare scams might promote themselves as real estate marketers, various types of law firms, and/or companies that resell timeshare properties, yet in the long run, they’re basically cut from the same soiled fabric.

The following is a breakdown of the different types of timeshare scams you may run into as a timeshare owner, followed by suggestions of ways you can keep from becoming a victim of their underhanded schemes.
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Donate to a Cause

Donate to a Cause

The “donate to a cause” option of getting free of a timeshare contract may seem an ideal way to give back to society while also getting rid of your own timeshare financial obligations.

This has been a frequently recommended timeshare contract cancellation method in the past, but recently stories have surfaced exposing that the donate to a cause option to may be a treacherous path to timeshare freedom.

Nationally renowned consumer advocate Clark Howard, who in the past highly recommended a particular company that facilitated the donate to a cause option, it seems has since rescinded his endorsement of the company due to the what some have claimed to be inaccurate advice the company was giving to its clients regarding tax write-offs.
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Veterans Timeshare Donation Scam

veterans donation timeshare scam

The Veterans Timeshare Donation Scam is one of the most deplorable of all timeshare donation scams. Pretending to “benefit” America’s wounded and often financially struggling troops by taking your timeshare off your hands for a large fee is lower than low.

The are several different levels of fraud going on in this shell game of timeshare donation scams. Frequently, the promoters of this “business model” obtain telephone numbers of timeshare owners and cold call them. The calls will include questions of if and how much they enjoy their timeshares and if they would be interested in donating said timeshare to a charity benefitting America’s Veterans. Many good-hearted timeshare owners (who may or may not already be seeking a way get out of  timeshare contracts) will be more than happy to turn their timeshares over to help a soldier.  Read More→