Veterans Assistance Timeshare Donation

Florida Veterans AssistanceAre the many Florida veterans assistance timeshare donation option a viable way for getting rid of your timeshare? This question has raised some important questions regarding the validity of donating your timeshare to charity.

Timeshare donation to benefit the brave men and women who have fought to protect our beloved country indeed seems like a noble endeavor. However, recent information has come to light making this seem to be a fairly dubious undertaking.

For instance, if we take a closer look at some of these Florida veterans assistance timeshare donation companies it appears as if the Better Business Bureau itself has taken issue with the fact that few measure up to BBB standards.

The Better Business Bureau has taken it upon themselves to post an advisory about these types of Florida veterans assistance timeshare donation organizations that donors must beware to make the decision for themselves as to the importance of these unmet standards.

BBB Florida Veterans Assistance Timeshare Donation Criteria

BBB standards that some Florida veterans assistance timeshare donation companies may not meet include:

  • Existence of a board of directors to provide appropriate and acceptable supervision of the charitable organizations staff and operations.
  • This aforementioned board of directors must consist of at least 5 members with voting rights.
  • The Florida veterans assistance timeshare donation organization must have at least 3 official meetings throughout the calendar year. These meetings must be evenly spaced with a majority of board members attending and interacting in a face-to-face meeting arrangement.
  • The organization must submit a report (in writing) outlining an assessment of the success or failure of it’s programs and purpose to the board of directors, as well as written recommendation for actions to be taken in the future.
  • The Florida veterans assistance timeshare donation organization must make expenditures on program activities totaling at least 65% of the total expenses.
  • The organization must NOT spend more than 35% of contributions on charitable donation income on fund raising activities.
  • Mailing address, link to access latest IRS Form 990 information electronically, and all information recommended to be included in annual reports should be made public on all websites that are purposed for solicitation of charitable contributions.
  • The Florida veterans assistance timeshare donation organization should provide quick response to any complaint that the BBB brings to its attention regarding the manner in which they are performing fund raising efforts, violation of privacy policy or any other issues. The charitable organization is also expected to act on these complaints promptly and accordingly.

As well, the charitable veterans timeshare donation organization should address donors’ privacy concerns. BBB requires these concerns be addressed in the following ways:

  • Provide annual written appeals for continuing and new donors to let the charity know that they don’t want identifying information (name, address, etc.) to be shared with any outside entity.
  • Provide the Florida veterans assistance timeshare donation donors with privacy policy documentation on all associated websites that includes definition of what personal information is being collected, how this information would be used, how to contact administrative personnel to correct any errors in this information, how to opt-out of the submission of this personal information, and how the organization goes about providing security to protect a donor’s personal information.
  • Any organization purporting to be a Florida veterans assistance timeshare donation company must disclose how the organization will benefit from sale of services or products that claim to benefit a charity from a consumer transaction. Any promotion should reveal at the point of original solicitation the anticipated or actual percentage of purchase price that benefits the charity, the length of time the campaign will run, and the highest allowable contribution.

How Do You Evaluate a Florida Veterans Assistance Timeshare Donation Company? 

Again, the Better Business Bureau leaves it up to the individual donor who plans to donate a timeshare to any Florida veterans assistance timeshare donation organization whether or not failure to meet these guidelines is acceptable to validate a donation.

The BBB website will likely break down the percentages of how the total charitable donations a Florida veterans assistance timeshare donation company brings in are actually being used. If an organization is using the majority of charitable donation income for running campaigns or internal operations rather than for programs to provide Florida veterans assistance and benefits, it is a good indication that there is something inherently wrong.