Timeshare Donation Reviews: Reading Between the Lines

timeshare donation reviews searchYou must be careful when using timeshare donation reviews to make important decisions about donating your timeshare.

Many times the timeshare donation companies themselves sponsor these time share donation reviews, or have them written by their own team of writers. This way, they can tell you only what they want you to know about the timeshare donation process.

Big timeshare donation review companies dominate the search engine results, meaning that when you do a quick search, only their pages will show up on on your screen. You see, most people don’t look any further than the first page of results when they do a search.

How to Find Real Timeshare Donation Reviews

If you are seriously looking for real, unbiased timeshare donation reviews, it’s best to do some real digging. Forums and Internet bulletin boards are one way to find legitimate timeshare donation reviews, but not always. Timeshare donation companies even pay people to post on different popular timeshare and travel related forums, so you still need to keep your antenna up. In many forums, the mods and dedicated users call out the not-so-believable timeshare donation reviewers so reading through the entire thread may give you a heads-up.

Timeshare donation companies may have other real client timeshare donation reviews on their websites, but you also must take into consideration that most of these reviews are written immediately after the timeshare owner thinks they’ve donated their timeshare and all went well. In reality, many of the problems of timeshare donation don’t show up until a year or more after the fact. Because there may be shame, embarrassment and fear associated with a tax audit stemming from timeshare donation review, few people will want to come out publicly to tell their stories.

The timeshare donation benefits sales pitch is based on the fact that you as a timeshare owner are led to believe that you can write off the full amount of the timeshare value on your taxes as a “charitable donation.” Unfortunately, the IRS sees it differently. If you paid $50,000 for your timeshare and try to claim that value as your charitable deduction, you are not claiming “fair market value,” which is what you are allowed by law. The Internal Revenue Service only allows you to claim what you could have gotten had you opted to sell instead of donate your timeshare to charity.

What is Timeshare Fair Market Value

Fair market value of a timeshare is what you can get by selling it on the open market. In today’s timeshare resale market, you would be lucky to get $1 for your timeshare! Most people who buy timeshares only end up buying them because they are coerced by slick timeshare salesmen who promise them gifts and use other high pressure sales tactics.

It takes time for the IRS to discover that you’ve incorrectly claimed your timeshare donation on your taxes, and even more time to penalize you for it. Unfortunately, the penalties can be in the thousands of dollars! If you were fined thousands of dollars for donating your timeshare when you were told that you would actually save on your taxes because of your donation, what kind of timeshare donation review would you leave then? Of course, no timeshare donation company is going to post negative timeshare donation reviews, so it is up to you to do your homework to find real timeshare donation reviews before making a final informed decision.

If you need to get out from under your timeshare obligations, don’t jump to the conclusion that timeshare donation is a quick, easy or profitable way to hand off your timeshare. Timeshare donation reviews may be misleading, so be careful to consider the source. Speak with a reputable timeshare cancellation expert before letting any timeshare donation reviews sway you in the wrong direction.